Betabrand Hires Comedians and Models for Their New Collection

Clothing companies now a days employing different methods to catch attention. Recentlywe heard about many clothing lines choosing real model girls to showcase their apparels over professional models. Now Betabrand is trying something new. The company is hiring female comedians as well as comedy writers as their models.

The company’s Fall collection aptly named as Comedy Collection has funny ladies modeling quirky pieces which include 3D Dress, the Nauseating Holiday Skirt and the Brain-Scan Dress. Funny names, aren’t they? Some of the items are available to buy, while others are still part of the crowdfunding phase. The company’s website also displays interviews with each comedian-turned- model. These are fun to read as have silly jokes. The interview also describes how the models prepare themselves before doing something which they have not done before that is posing for a pic!

Betabrand Hires Comedians and Models for Their New Collection

Betabrand is not doing such stunts for the first time. They had casted female PhDs for their spring collection in past, which was really a hit! The content producer behind crafting this comedy collection, Liz Rossof, said, “We thought the next logical progression in highly intelligent women would be comedic writers and stand-up comics! Because arguably it takes just about the same amount of brains to write comedy well.” Rossof further adds that some these models who are part of this comedy collection actually abandoned graduate degree for their passion for comedy.

Rossof also explained the company’s advertising idea as, “We want to [feature] genuine people feeling comfortable and feeling themselves in their clothing.” The company is in business for five solid years, but is never gone to agencies for hiring models. The company flaunts “Model Citizen” app which allows the customers to upload their photos with Betabrand clothes. By this way customers can even get discounts on their purchases in future! Rossof further clarified that the company would want to depend only on its customers for advertising!

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