Beyoncé and Kim Follow Same Denim Trend

Denims are the kinds of cloths we all love to wear, and if you are following celebrities this summer, then you will see a few of them are particularly going for these denims! There are a few incidences where we found two entirely different beautiful ladies from glam world are wearing something very similar! Yahh we are talking about Kim and Beyoncé.

Yes they have lot of off-fashion commons like beautiful and maintained figures; both have rapper life-partners, and both glam dolls are very powerful! Kim is well known in fashion world and Beyoncé is a genius performer. But when it comes to fashion they differ a lot! Kim, who has kind of adapted minimalism seen wearing mostly denim and basic colors.

Beyoncé and Kim Follow Same Denim Trend 1

And Beyoncé is totally dynamic when it comes to style and it is difficult to catch any specific trend! But recently both were seen wearing Frame Denim’s “Le High” skirts. It was not surprising as Frame Denims has basic concept that denims are wardrobe essentials for any kind of look. With similar denims they still managed to look different and adorable! Beyoncé wore a body-fit white t-shirt, a jacket, and a huge Chanel pin where as Kim spotted wearing masculine denim shirt and Prada heeled shoes!

In May Kim was spotted in Paris again in Denims! The glamorous lady wore tucked denim shirt with body-fit jeans. She complemented her chic-look with faint pink heels and was seen leaving her hairs free!

In the first week of August, Beyoncé posted a few pics on Instagram wearing denim casuals. Those clothes were actually were kinds of cloths anyone can wear! She must have taken a break from her busy routine and has done this photo-shoot in double denim! She wore denim on denim i.e. denim jacket on Frame Denim’s pencil skirt and Christian Louboutin shoes! In this attire she proved to be a royal star!

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