Beyoncé and Topshop are Coming Together for Sports and Dance Lovers!

Beyoncé now will be involved with one more fashion brand. She will be engaged in making clothes, footwear as well as accessories for the brand Topshop. The business collaboration is about developing comfort footwear, clothes along with accessories for people who are involved in sports as well as dancing like strenuous activities. The singer who is famous in industry for working hard and rehearsing vigorously is in the perfect business. Her profile suits perfectly with the products they are planning to sell and she will always serve as inspiration for endeavor like this. These fitness products will be available for sell in fashion chain’s shops as well as on websites all over the world.

Beyoncé has already completed the formalities of the partnership with Sir Philip Green who is the owner of Topshop. The duo is planning to release their innovative product range which they define as “Athletic street wear”, in next autumn.

Beyoncé and Topshop are Coming Together for Sports and Dance Lovers 1

Mr. Green appreciated Beyoncé and substantiated her involvement in this project as he said, “We have been looking at this category as fashion-inspired fitness develops, and know that this is right in our customers’ heartland. Creating a partnership with Beyoncé, one of the most hardworking and talented people in the world, who spends many hours of her life dancing, rehearsing and training is a unique opportunity to develop this category.”

This collection is supposed to have equal share by each of the partners namely Beyoncé’s management company named ‘Parkwood Entertainment’ as well as the retailer. Topshop has recently revived one more collaboration with Kate Moss in the beginning of this year. By this way there is no doubt that the brand has established itself well in the U.S. The company flaunts flagship stores in the country which are around four in number.

Beyoncé is already involved in many other fashion brands which include House of Deréon brand which was started by Beyoncé with her mother. Other partnerships include started H&M fashion chain which was made official last summer and project with Tommy Hilfiger brand which included few fragrances.

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