Beyonce flashes her yellow bra

Generally we catch Solange, the sister of Beyonce who ends up looking cool in quirky style. However it turned out to be the other way round and Beyonce rocked in the matching yellow bra which she made sure to match with her bright glowing yellow suit.

It seems like lately, Beyonce did think a lot about her wardrobe. And we simply have fallen all over her new ravishing look! Queen Bey looked hot, appealing and stylish.

Beyonce flashes her yellow bra 1

The songstress most often tried to play it safe (apart from the times she performs on stage). However, now it seems like she is starting to steer her wheels. It seems like Beyonce is getting influenced by her sister Solange’s style and she has started to go as per her colors and style statement.

These days, the Single Ladies star wanted to rock a bit. And she gleamed beautifully in her yellow pant suit and she had just the same colored matching bra, which rocked so well.

Beyonce flashes her yellow bra

Beyonce had shielded her eyes very smartly with Raybans. She let her loose ombre locks all over the shoulder as she was busy doing several errands in New York. The gorgeous singer did not wear any top and in fact she chose to a similar matching colored bra right under her revealing suit jacket.

After the release of Feeling Myself, her new music video, it seems like Beyonce did cause a little bit of stir all around, something that she is not quite familiar with. Queen Bey also stirred so much of botheration amongst her fans when she appeared to pour into the tub, pricy champagne worth $20,000.  In the scene we notice Beyonce in a sensual and skimpy swimsuit and she is seen sitting in a hot tub. She starts to hurl out the bottle’s content right into the water.

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