Beyonce Wears Bold Prints- Is It A Sudden Trend Change?

Beyoncé and Jay Z reached London on Tuesday. And till now they have enjoyed one night at The Arts Club. They together also visited a community arts project hosted in south London.The flawless singer looked not at all bothered about what people think about her new hair style and tried to grab even more attention as she wore mixed bold printed clothes on Wednesday, 15th ,October! She was seen wearing casual clothes as she travelled all along Paris! This looks like a sudden trend-change!

The singer wore glamorous transparent black colored top with three-fourth sleeves as she visited an art gallery with her husband. The top had white design on the top which looked like splattered paint. She paired it with something which we would never imagine! It was well contrasting Tanya Taylor skirt. The skirt was basically white color along with red and blue colored abstract tree like prints on it! She did not forget to complete her look with black colored sandals and round shaped eye covers which had mesh-like designs on the edges! She wore black striped sandals which were again had no matching element in the whole attire theme!

Beyonce Wears Bold Prints- Is It A Sudden Trend Change 1

The singer was seen again in printed ensemble the same evening! This time the only change was the color. This time she chose to wear same colored top and skirt with bold prints! Mrs. Carter was seen in silk fabric blouse which had tribal print paired with flowing skirt with black and white polka dotted design! The singer was seen walking on the streets with the leather jacket placed casually on her shoulders. She matched the printed ensemble with white colored heels which had black strips on it! The only make up which could be seen was purple lipstick which completely matched with her black and white look! Here also she did not forget to wear round shaped sunglasses that suited the theme well!

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