Beyonce’s gangster image in a fierce black outfit

Recently Beyonce looked quite fierce and full of attitude when she posted a few pictures in her official website.

Well, we see a new image of Bey and we must agree that we love her even more with each passing day! She was rocking beautifully some real time attitudes. And it seems like there is no looking back for the diva but she definitely looks more stunning with each passing day!

Queen Bey, 33, had worn a blonde hair which was quite firmly pulled back. And she perfectly chosen her edgy goggles and was seen pouting all the way. In a cape and gorgeous LBD she had posted several pictures, which were quite provocative.

Beyonce’s gangster image in a fierce black outfit

Quite lately Bey had promised her fans that she would come out with a huge piece of news soon. And the news was that she is about to give up bacon sarnies as she is to start with vegan diet.

This week the stunning star had made an appearance for the Good Morning America show, and she had revealed that she is about to start with vegan diet. This made her fans feel quite happy and gave them a feel-good factor.

On Wednesday she also made a point to visit in West Hollywood a vegan restaurant named Gracias Madre with her hubby along her side.

The star looked in a relaxed and happy mood and she enjoyed showing off her radiant tan as she adorned a soft playsuit. Her black hat teamed up nicely with her dress. She wore a black strappy sandal and she moved ahead lading her better half walking past the cameras in good spirits.

Beyonce’s gangster image in a fierce black outfit 2

The gorgeous songstress also shared a good number of pictures in bikini. And it seemed that she loved to exhibit her curves as she came on GMA about the positive end to sticking to the healthy 22-Day Revolution eating plan.

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