Blooming Venice Was the Wedding Arena for Clooney and Alamuddin

George Clooney got married to Amal Alamuddin, a London based human rights lawyer, on Saturday. The representative of the actor stated that the wedding took place far from the sight of adorning crowds and paparazzi. A smiling Clooney was sighted travelling up to the Grand Canal in a water-taxi and waved to thousands of well-wishers with a flotilla of photographers who were all gathered to catch a glimpse of the final moment of his bachelorhood.

With the shimmering pink sunset casting its beams on the most picturesque canal of Venice, George was rubbing his hands calmly in sweet anticipation finally, fading seen away into the luxurious Aman hotel’s pier. Also sighted with him were his celebrity and fashionable friends including Cindy Crawford, Matt Damon with his wife and few more joining him for his ‘blessed ceremony’.

Blooming Venice Was the Wedding Arena for Clooney and Alamuddin 1

Stan Rosenfield who has been Clooney’s long time representative, also announced after few hours that the wedding vows were exchanged in a sentence. Clooney at the five-star Cipriani hotel, together with his friends, serenely sipped champagne before heading with his procession to the lavish Hotel Aman with his friend Crawford, Rande Gerber her husband, Damon and Bill Murray.

Crawford was adorning a floor length, purple halter dress while the groom and his friends were in tuxedos.

En route, the boat of Clooney for a sort span was blocked by a passing cruise-liner followed by a waterbus and this paved opportunity for photographers to click pictures. The police boat could not be of much help and the paparazzi managed to catch glimpse of the actor and his luminary procession.

Clooney, the star, was seen serene in his ever-relaxed demeanor and gladly waved to hundreds of people who were all standing in the Accademia bridge, passing water taxis and in canal banks, to just cast a glimpse of the Hollywood star, few moments after which he would no more remain a bachelor.

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