Blue Ivy Gives Us the Most Adorable Marilyn Monroe Moment!

It looks like the problems in Beyoncé and Jay-Z marriage are just rumors. The family is on outing together. And wherever we see them, they look like perfect family to us! A few days back we saw them visiting museum together, everything looked normal as both parents took turns to hold their little Blue Ivy! Few days even before this, they were spotted looking around for house. Last week they were spotted having real family time with their daughter as they visited the Louvre in Paris!

Blue Ivy Gives Us the Most Adorable Marilyn Monroe Moment

The Flawless singer, shared few of the moments as they walked over the museum on her official webpage! She made those pics public on 11thOctober. The photos needless to say have adorable Blue too! In some of the snaps we can see little Blue playing. As she stepped over the air vent, we can see a Marilyn Monroe like moment and that was really cute! Ms. Blue Monroe in red dress! In the shared photos, three of them look like having fun together. In the Marilyn Monroe moment, the little doll is seen wearing red colored polka dotted dress. In few shot she is seen casually playing with that air vent! Her red color dress while playing with vent showed a bubble effect which looks really innocent!

Beyoncé did not stop here. She has added few more pics of her daughter where she is seen posing with iconic pieces one of them being Mona Lisa! From Bey’s photos, it looks like that the museum was shut down for the duo. Beyoncé also, posted her selfies with statues and with other great pieces at museum!

The couple is reported to be working together for their upcoming album. In Paris, they finished their On The Run Tour in the middle of September. The two concerts were shot for HBO special.

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