Bold prints, vivacious colors, and embellishments rule the London Fashion Week

Both in the red carpet as well as front rows we managed to catch up with some fun styling tips. Probably it may be the current arrival of fall or perhaps the peculiar European flair, during the later end of the Fashion Month, but the style statements set in the week at the various engagements was surely mesmerizing and something to watch out for.

With a good number of movies (like “The Intern” starring actress Anne Hathaway) in the complete press tour manner, there were actors like Sienna Miller and Kristen Wiig who did enchant and arrest the red carpet by storm. They had adorned various designs and vibrant prints and embellishments which were full of life.

Bold prints, vivacious colors, and embellishments rule the London Fashion Week

The week which could have turned into the post-Emmys slump, did manage to catch up with sky blue jumpsuits and mini-dresses with a metallic stroke, were seen to be amiably mingled with structural midi gowns and gorgeous and fine-looking satin slip dresses.

The front row section of both Milan Fashion Weeks and London did also preserve an artistic appearance: there were familiar faces from Suki Waterhouse to Alexa Chung who experimented with ribbons, all kind of ruffles and well, everything possible under the sky. We would be careless here if we did not mention about Harry Styles, the One Direction heartthrob, who decided to set aside his current-standard uniform of baggy T-shirts and those skinny jeans and decided to go for Gucci suit which was so gorgeously remarkable, no doubt went across breaking the Internet by a storm. Bliss indeed!

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