Braided Hairdo is back in style

From Bella Thorne to songstress Selena Gomez, everyone is picking up the braided look for this summer season, why don’t you try it to?

When listing a few of our all time favorite hairstyles which never get you wrong, the braided style look is our all time, go-to favorite pick and we have recently noticed it becoming the hot hairdo pick during the summer season. With hot summer waves setting in from every end, stay ahead with your stylish side and give your shoulders a bit of respite yet keeping it trendy at the same time.

Braided Hairdo is back in style

You could also go with a tinge of bold colors to give your braids a bit more attention and keep it playful and cute! Let us go through the list of braided look that we simply adored and you could go with this style flow too!

Bella Thorne and Selena Gomez made the right choice by going with the right braided styling option which surprisingly came up with a fresh look. If you wish to have the fun way round we have a good list of options well spread before you:

For summer go with braided hairdo this time:

Boho Crown Braid: Be it neat and fresh crown braid without any of the strands poking out or if you wish to go with a casual look like Selena you could go about using a styling gel first as it will help to hold your hair firmly and go about with the braising process easily.

Braided Hairdo is back in style 1

Braided Center Part: If you thought girls with short hair cannot go about with braids then get the look from Kate Bosworth as all you need to do is take little section of your hair and then make smaller French braids around your centre portion. You need to simply stop near the crown and then the left over hair can be tied in half-up top knot style. Trendy and chic to the core!

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