Britney Spears – the Stunning Pop Diva Princess

Well, there is no need to call for the Beygency. We all agree with the fact that Beyonce is the Queen of pop now, and she is reigning at the moment. However, there is also no doubt that Britney Spears was a big time chart-topping queen.

There is just no doubt that solo career of Queen Bey has helped her to establish herself as a huge and widely followed musical icon. She had the strength to drop a secret album, launch her solo career fantastically and also is quite an all-rounder at the same time. However if you guys have just forgotten, let us remind you all that there was Britney who did it all at the very beginning. (Well, okay, if you get technical, even Madonna was there way before Britney, but Britney was the ’90s kids and she did a good job in making a successful career and there is just no denying of the fact that she was the ultimate princess of pop music).

Britney Spears – the Stunning Pop Princess 1

Think about this – even before Jay Z and Beyoncé there were JT and Britney Spears. Spears also had the guts to dance along with a python. She also starred in a movie and was at the top under the best-selling teenage artist category, keeping her seat booked on that spot for more than a decade. We can say it in a straight and simple way that when you talk about pop, there is no one at par to cross Britney’s line yet!

Britney has been showing her incredible beauty and hot look in her different fashionable outfits. We wish to see Britney again ruling the pop music and winning our hearts with her electric performances.

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