Cameron Diaz’s in Ripped Jeans

Famous actress Cameron Diaz was spotted in a pair of Jimmy Paige jeans which were strategically ripped at the knees for both comfort and style

Celebrity actress Cameron Diaz, who starred in a number of hit films, was spotted in New York City wearing a pair of ripped Jimmy Page jeans at a casual outing in the city. The newsmaker was seen wearing Denim Paige Jimmy skinny jeans in Clifton destructed. She was returning to New York after holidaying from a few weeks in Europe in the company of her new boyfriend Benji Madden. The photo of Cameron Diaz in New York was taken on July 29, 2014 and posted online at a number of websites.

Cameron Diaz's in Ripped Jeans

The Jimmy Paige ripped jeans were strategically torn at the knees, with large patches of denim missing to show skin at the knees. In addition to adding a touch of glamour, the ripped jeans were also more comfortable, allowing the actress to walk and bend her knees very comfortably despite wearing skin tight jeans. The ends of the jeans were folded up at the ankles for comfort and style. The actress had worn a white short sleeved t-shirt with the ripped jeans which were folded at the ankles for a comfortable fit. Her blonde hair was left open, and she had worn sunglasses to protect her eyes against the glare and prying onlookers.

As footwear, the actress wore comfortable Brown flat sandals with ankle straps. The actress seemed to be wearing a black thread like bracelet on her right hand.  A matching large blue and white bag with polka dots, blue bottom and blue straps from Chloe for carrying her shopping and other essentials completed her accessories list.

For Cameron Diaz fans interested in emulating her look, both the Jimmy Paige ripped jeans from Paige Denim  and white and blue chloe hand bag can be purchased conveniently online. After placing an order online these celebrity jeans and accessories will be delivered to the home of the customer within a few days.

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