Can Fashion and Philanthropy Become Two Sides of the Same Coin?

Fashion is always defamed as being only for a few.  If we ask question whether fashion and philanthropy can exist together, it may sound like irony to many. Recently Nordstrom declared about their first ever pop-in shop, TMRW TGTHER. The shop has a concept. It will be retail shop along with an online store that has many adjectives like “the shop which has environmental-friendly, upcycled, community-focused goods and artisinal.” Olivia Kim, who is Nordstrom’s Director of Creative Projects, explained about the concept and its potential where shopping equals to doing something good for the world around you.

Kim said, “The first rule of products that give back is that you have to want them anyway. Otherwise, it’s insulting your customer. There’s nothing in TMRW TGTHR that I wouldn’t already want in my home, or my closet.”  She did not hesitate to talk about today’s shopping-loving generation and how they are guilt-free. She added “A big thing about our generation, Millennials, or whatever they want to call us. [It] is that we do love to shop, and we don’t apologize for that, because we’re making our own money and driving our own careers. But we’re also really conscious about the wider world.”

Can Fashion and Philanthropy Become Two Sides of Same Coin


Kim also said that this generation does not get confused between looking good and giving back! For this generation, art shopping and making-a-difference do not serve as either-or concepts. We get lot of conscious, sustainable products which are really good! Because of the wide choices available, the young-women are fashionable as well as philanthropic at the same time!

Lauren Bush Lauren, who has teamed up with Kim agrees with this.  She explains, “I’ve always felt shopping and philanthropy were a natural fit. Fashion is a wearable art form, but also a way to express yourself and your identity. If your identity is that of someone who’s compassionate, and cares, and wants to make the world a better place, philosophically it’s a very natural fit to show it in your clothes.”

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