Can T-Shirt Reveal Feelings?

The T-shirt is telling what is going in her life! We know Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett’s marriage is facing problems. The 29-year old Wilkinson was seen wearing “I’m Not Sorry” tee as she is going through a hard phase, in Sherman Oaks, Calif. Kendra was looking relaxed. Her casual look complemented with jeans. She was looking bold enough as she was without make-up. It is known to everyone that her husband Baskett, 31, was found to be cheating her with a transgender model on you tube, Ava Sabrina London in the month of April. At this time Kendra was about to deliver their daughter Alijah in a month’s time. The couple already has a 4-year-old son named Hank IV.

These two are still known to be together yet; Kendra was reported to meet a divorce attorney. The insider reporter said, “She’s definitely serious about filing, but is also reviewing her options before she makes a final decision. She’s heartbroken and feels completely betrayed.”

Can T-Shirt Reveal Feelings

But for Baskett, story is different!He is still begging for as he has realized his mistakes. The wedding still matters for him as has been captured many times wearing wedding ring in public. A close member said,”[He’s] embarrassed about his actions and wants nothing more than to get Kendra back. However, “Kendra isn’t buying it.” Now the big news is that Kendra is finally ready to Hank and move on in life. An insider said, “Kendra’s definitely looking into divorce. She’s met with lawyers and is weighing her options.”

The couple is already living separately; although they have to see each other very often as they are shooting for third season of ‘Kendra on Top’. The insider disclosed, “They’re sort of stuck together now, and it isn’t helping the situation.” Kendra looks like wants divorce, Hank is still trying to save their marriage. The insider added, “He texts Kendra constantly, begging for forgiveness. He is so embarrassed and wants nothing more than to get her back. He knows that if he doesn’t, he is always going to be looked at like a creep.”

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