Cara Delevingne is not quitting modeling

Ever since the 22-year-old model-turned-actress has got a few Hollywood projects in her kitty, rumors are been there that she will leave her modeling career. And she will shift permanently to acting. After her modeling profile was removed from the website of the Storm Model Management agency, speculation started that she is moving towards her acting career.

It is also rumored that she is leaving behind her modeling career, which had actually propelled her towards her successful life. It is also believed that she is quitting modeling so that she can concentrate on her newly found career with full focus.  However Cara has something else to say about these rumors.

Cara Delevingne is not quitting modeling 1

Her agency has removed her profile, which is evident of a separation. And her upcoming 6 movies and her role in the movie ‘Paper Towns’ has given immense proof of the separation. But Cara Delevingne has denied quitting modeling. The model-turned-actress while speaking to the Hollywood Reporter has claimed that she is not quitting her modeling career nor is she retiring.

She is simply taking a break from modeling and doing films now. The actress also added that change of careers happen as people grow old and develop other interest too. But that does not mean she is stopping modeling. She might also do something in the fashion world other than modeling some day.

She said that she is still very close to the people she has worked along and her slight career shift has not change her close relationships at all. Even her relationship with Karl Lagerfeld who is the creative director of Chanel has not at all been affected by it. The actress claims to have a strong bond with Karl and says that he has been extremely nice to her ever since she came in the fashion world and has supported her decision as he always knew that she wanted to act in films.

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