Carrie Underwood will show her activewear line in New York Fashion Week

No doubt, when she comes near, Carrie Underwood does add in a lot of star power as well as dazzling athleisure to every program she attends. Both Lauren Conrad and Carrie Underwood have so many things common between them- both of them started their career from television, both of them also quite closely resemble each other and they both come across with Celebrity Clothing Lines. And in September, you will get the opportunity to watch them both at the upcoming New York Fashion Week where both of them will be unveiling their latest collections.

We will get to see the Calia activewear line being presented by Underwood, which was launched in the previous year in partnership with Dick’s Sporting Goods, the national retailer, Sept. 10 at The HQ, which is an IMG venue quite close to the Milk Studios. All throughout the week will be hosting a sequence of events. As per WWD, it will be more inclined and more of a ‘glorified pop-up’ and quite little of a show – just like it happened at the event at Conrad’s, the attendees will get the opportunity to shop around and go through the collection on that very same day, right there and then.

Carrie Underwood will show her activewear line in New York Fashion Week 1

At the upcoming Fashion Week, Underwood has preferred to reveal her line and this comes up as something quite surprising though! As common and in demand, activewear is at the current time, it would not make much of a sense in such a kind of scenario. However she might be able to generate some kind of buzz around, due to the presence of very few celebrities this very season.

Sure there would be exceptions such as the well-esteemed strongholds in the event like, The Row’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and the much admired, Victoria Beckham. The only other celebs who would be present during this season would be Underwood, Conrad and well, if counted, the Fat Jewish.

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