Celebs that know how to create unique Style Statements

Some celebs of Hollywood themselves are the creators of their own style statement. And it is quite natural that you would love to try these latest styles to make yourself look no less than a famous celebrity.

The glam girl Jessica Alba prefers silhouettes that will show off the beauty of your figure and will make you look at your best. Her secret to look beautiful always is her crop top with a full midi or maxi skirt. It makes her look the gorgeous ever. Another secret she reveals about her choice of dresses which make her look young and beautiful forever.

A short top with leather skirt and a pair of Mesh sandals keep Jessica look more appealing always. The stripped tank tops with a medium length skirt with a pair of comfortable pro skate shoes and a perfect combination of leather bag with her favorite thurloe sunglasses complete her look.

Celebs Designing Their Own Outfits 2

The lela rose top and light shaded skirt with ankle strap sandals are also in her preferred list. And as a must have Alba loves to put on denim shirts in different style for various occasions by pairing them with a large variety of jeans and no doubt she looks her best in these outfits.

Another commonly famous face of Hollywood, Victoria Beckham is the creator of her own style. And most importantly her designs have been always appreciated. So she prefers wearing those dresses again and again for she looks her best in them. Her ankle length dresses with pointed pumps are found on the top of the list of her choice.

Celebs Designing Their Own Outfits

Often in different parties, promotions, even on the cover pages of the magazines she is seen in her ankle length outfits with variation of colors like the combination of red and black, white etc. The floral designed ankle length dresses with all-time favorite pointed pumps are Victoria’s must have for most of the occasions.

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