Celebs featuring in Sean John’s Fall campaign

Sean John’s brand has always designed clothes for the youth and their mantra has always portrayed the youth influencing people to live their dreams. Therefore this time there is no exception as the latest ad campaign from the brand is named Dream Big. The Fall campaign by Sean John has gathered together celebrities like Jussie Smollett and Quincy Brown along with model Broderick Hunter. The talented actors and musicians will be part of this ad campaign which motivates the youth to live their dreams and make it big. Brown has been featuring in the Sean John’s ad campaign since he was 13 years old. This campaign is the sixth one for him.

Cheryl Fox is the photographer who has shot for the ad campaign in New York at the Daylight Studios. The actors can be seen wearing the designer clothes by Sean John with sportswear and other accessories by the same designer.GQ will officially unveil the campaign exclusively in September.

Celebs featuring in Sean John’s Fall campaign 1

The campaign is backed by the national ad campaign which will be seen in in-stores of the Sean john brand and in other social media platforms and locations. The brand will also give the campaign message to the 20 million people who follow it through The Combs.  Individual videos of the actors featuring in the ad campaign will also be available at the company’s website as Sean has taken help from the Spreadhouse for this feature.

The ad campaign’s cost and budget is not yet revealed but the cost is being borne by all of Sean john’s businesses in the U.S. which includes eyewear, sportswear, accessories, clothes and others. Macy has the largest collection of Sean John brand as it is the favorite with its customers of the male section. Macy also sells the sportswear from the Sean John brand exclusively at its stores.

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