CFDA Enjoys Party with Newbies, Becomes Nostalgic About the Venue!

It was Kenneth Cole this time who hosted a cocktail party at his home. The party was for the CFDA’s newbies! CEO Steven Kolb expressed his feeling as “Pulling up, I had this sense of déjà vu!” The boss is always right, isn’t it? Yes this party took place at the same place last year too! It was hosted in the penthouse of Lisa Perry which is part of the same building! One can say that CFDA has some unexplainable relation with 1 Sutton Place. The invites became very nostalgic as they described what happened at each year’s party and how this venue was always part of this get-together! Vera Wang said “I’ve been to so many of these things! One year my publicist’s hair caught on fire, which was pretty unfortunate for her. And one year it was in Bill Blass’ apartment, which was just upstairs from here. We will have to find out who else from CFDA lives in the building for next year!”

CFDA Enjoys Party with Newbies, Becomes Nostalgic About the Venue 1

The group caught a compulsory new members group shot which famously known as “hashtag-awkward-family-photo!” This apt term is coined by Dannijo’s Danielle Snyder. Liya Kebede, who is a CFDA newcomer said that one remains unaware of the business when, he himself is on the runway! She further added that it is also good to see the other side of it and building up a new brand is really a challenging task what she is doing right now!  She also added that with her changing role, she can see the conversations with same people become different! Before beginning of the formal event, Ben Taylor, Sophie Hiller and John Forté, made crowds to enjoy impromptu musical performance.

Across the East River we could experience a music of a different kind. The founders of Made Fashion are bringing their first Made Music initiative which has rare Cypress Hill as part of it! Jenné Lombardo founder of the initiative revealed to, “We hope to seamlessly blend music and fashion. When I got my first car when I was 16, they were the first CD I put in the car. Cypress Hill was everything,”

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