Chanel Has The Cutest Model So Far!

Now there is competition for Choupette Lagerfeld! She is no doubt the furriest tiny model in the biz, but now she is not alone who is cute and innocent.  The Chanel has signed new Six-year-old Hudson Kroenig which was seen on its run ways throughout the world! He calls Karl Lagerfeld as “Uncle!” Now this six year old is grabbing all attention as stars with Joan Smalls in the recent cruise campaign of Chanel! The cute little boy definitely looks cute as he does always along with stunning smalls in the shot!   The only six decade old boy is not doing it for the first time! The kiddo is part of fashion world since his birth and has served as inspiration for many! We all know he was muse to the Kaiser, just after his birth and he was star in a campaign at Fendi when he was as young as three. We should not be surprised to see him working with such big names at this age as he has proved his talent from birth!

Chanel Has The Cutest Model So Far

In the campaign, the cute little tyke captured in different moods! He is seen wearing a safari suit and not to forget cuffed jeans at the same tie while Miss Smalls flaunts bold prints which are part of Chanel’s resort collection. This photo shot is done by Mr Lagerfeld. In one of the images we see Hudson gazing at the camera while Miss Smalls lounges opposite to a white column in a cool mood! Another one looks much more real as we can see Hudson dipping his toe in a small pool!

We can say that he has fashion in his cell as he is son 35-year-old Brad Kroenig who is also a famous model. He proved his talent last year too as Last year, as grabbed most attention at  in Once Upon a Time, which is  a short video for the same brand Chanel that has Keira Knightley.

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