Chrissy Teigen Shares Her Love for Cooking and Hangover

Everybody knows Chrissy Teigen as a glamorous American model who began her carrier with annual sports illustrated Swimsuit issue. The model born on November 30, 1985 is much more talented than being just an eye-candy. She is famous for her culinary skills. She loves cooking to such an extent that if she is at her home for one week, she is ready to cook for dinner and that is for every night! Chrissy has many cooking tips for the fans. In an interview she shared those with us.

She said if you are calorie conscious then you have to choose low sugar diet. But this can be done tastefully too! She also shared one more tip for Thai food lovers. If someone wants to make “Thai boat noodles” which have heavy broth, she said, “just make the broth” and add sprouts. That’s how one can cut on sugar!!

Chrissy Teigen Shares Cooking and Hangover Tips with Fans

The model also shares a wonderful tip for party lovers! If you have had party all night there is one way you can get out of the hang-over. The model says its Greek yogurt. She said, “I just feel like it keeps it all down.”

As being a successful model, she has to attend late night events, parties and has to travel many times. But even with that she manages to keep her skin just perfect. How is that possible? She explained, “SK-11 facemasks are just great. They come in a bag, and they are soaking wet when I put them on. But after 20 minutes, they are totally dry because my skin ate it all up. I love those masks.”

Chrissy is always cracking jokes on Twitter! About Twitter and people she follows, Teigen said, “I try to only follow people that make me laugh. Yassir Lester: He is actually my co-star on Snack-Off. He is a comedian. We text all day. We only talk to each other in memes. He is just one of the funniest people on the planet. It’s @Yassir_Lester ,and he is actually one of the funniest people on that damn thing!”

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