Chrissy Teigen Shows Her Panty During Her Visit To The Whitte House

Chrissy Teigen, the wife of John Legend, is again in top stories for showing off her legendary legs and her underwear. She has also shown her stretch marks on her inner thighs, which were expected to be seen only by John. Recently, Chrissy has gained the title of a Hero to a real women after the picture of her stretch marks got posted. Though all her revealing pictures were not uploaded in family websites since they could create a controversy while being on family sites.

At the special dinner of the White House Correspondents, John Legend’s wife showed off this dangerous high split. No doubt, she gave a deep insight into the Bush Administration, in homage to her visit.

Chrissy Teigen Shows Her Panty During Her Visit To The Whitte House 2

Also, just some days back, last week, Chrissy posted a picture of her thighs with a caption which said that bruises from bumping kitchen drawer handled since a week and the stretches made their own way.

Chrissy Teigen Shows Her Panty During Her Visit To The Whitte House 1

The shot already has got above ninety thousand likes and this was readily shared by the admirers who praised Chrissy in a huge manner. Many comments were also there blinking in the comment box below the specific picture. A comment was posted praising Chrissy’s beauty while giving her the title of ‘hero’ to the real women.

Her stretch marks were also highlighted along with her beauty by some of the fans. Some simply admired her marks as they felt these are natural to human beings and everyone is beautiful with their own skin despite being imperfect in some ways since none is perfect in this world.

Generally Chrissy is well known for sharing the photos of her delicious dishes, which shows off her healthy appetite. She also posted her own photos with her husband, and truly they always look incredibly lovely in those pictures, shared by her.

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