Christopher Shannon Launching First Ever Women’s Collection for 15

There is good news for ladies! Christopher Shannon has something for you for the very first time! Credit goes to the inaugural BFC/GQ Designer Menswear Fund at the beginning of this year. The magical Liverpudlian designer is entering in the women wear collection for the first time. He is debuting in women’s wear via spring collection for 2015. The collection has the signature street wear vibe of the highly acclaimed designer.

This news will make all female buyers of Shannon’s collection who silently buy his men’s knits as well as sweatshirts for many years. The story behind this new collection is like this: the British stylist Charlie Harrington captured one knitted piece designed for men as a dress. It was not to be captured like that. Shannon’s reaction was like this, “The piece was never meant to be a dress, but it looked so, so good. It looked really sophisticated—that’s a word I haven’t used in about five years! But there was an ease to it. And suddenly personal orders from women were huge.”

Christopher Shannon Launching First Ever Women’s Collection for 15 1

Okay it was not as easy as replicating that menswear for which Shannon has is known in London’s menswear field. Actually he wanted come up with female counterpart of Christopher Shannon signature menswear. He further added, “I think she would be a slightly bullish older sister”. So what results out of it is genuine women’s-wear! Those include sweatshirts with prints, miniskirts which are decorated and made up of glossy velvet and last but not the least is the track pants with solid athletic look with feminine edge.

He will be launching his online store this year, and now it is the right time to display the brand new women’s wear collection. The designer said, “I knew I didn’t want a show. I’ve seen so many people struggle with the shows recently. I think the stronger brands are the ones that make their own destiny a little bit.”

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