Confused on Having Long Nails Or Short Nails?

Women often have to make a difficult choice, whether to wear their nails long or short, and each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages.

Decorated nails can add to the beauty of the woman, and women find it difficult to decide whether to wear the nails long or short, as they have to choose between convenience and looking fashionable. Long slim fingers with nails are considered to be a sign of beauty and grooming, but many women both working and housewives have to make a difficult choice, after weighing the pros and cons of having short nails and long nails. Many working women prefer to have short nails for practical reasons but there are several advantages of longer nails.

Long Nails Or Short Nails

The major advantage of long nails is they add to the beauty and glamour of a woman, making the fingers look longer and slimmer. Almost any nail polish can be used on these nails to make them look fashionable and beautiful, and are ideal for special occasions when women need to look their best. Nail art which consists of intricate patterns will also look better on long nails, since the area on which it can be worn is more for longer nails compared to shorter nails. These nails can also be used for self defense when a woman is attacked, especially by strangers

Though long nails are fashionable, there are several disadvantages of growing and retaining longer nails. These longer nails tend to get chipped and damaged more easily, forcing the user to trim these nails to remove the damaged part of the nails. Dirt, muck can easily accumulate in the long nails, which are unhygienic and can cause health problems. It is often difficult to perform certain tasks like typing comfortably with long nails, as there may be more typing mistakes. Additionally the longer nails, which are usually sharper, can also hurt others like pets and others especially when applied with great force or pressure.

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