Courteney Cox’s Engagement Ring From Johnny McDaid

Actress Courteney Cox was recently seen wearing her new Diamond Engagement Ring on June 25 signally her engagement to rocker Johnny McDaid

The 50 year old actress Courteney Cox who starred in the serial cougar town was recently engaged to the British musician Johnny McDaid and spotted wearing a diamond Engagement Ring on June 25. the actress had been dating the 37 year old Johnny McDaid of the rock band Snow Patrol for some time since December 2013 .The actress then formally confirmed her engagement to Johnny Mcdaid on Twitter the following day. The actress who usually wears a single ring, was spotted wearing the engagement ring while leaving an appointment at Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood who had proposed to her after dating for some time.

Courteney Cox's and Johnny McDaid

Courteney Cox’s and Johnny McDaid

Johnny Mcdaid had made a lot of effort to find the best engagement ring, consulted her close friends to find the most suitable engagement ring for her, as he wanted to find something that was both tasteful as well as elegant, to suit her best. The musician had behaved like the perfect gentleman, asking Courtney Cox’s mother Cece for permission first before proposing to the actress. It is believed that the musician formally proposed to the actress during a vacation celebrating her fiftieth birthday at the Turks and Caicos islands

Sources close to the actress claim that she had agreed, because the British musician was very much in love with her, and she thought that he was just right for him. It was a romantic occasion with only the two of them involved. This wedding will be the first wedding for the rock star, but will be the second wedding for Courteney cox, who was married to the actor David Arquette for nearly fourteen years before being divorced. Though this an unconventional marriage, with the bride more than decade older than the groom, it is hoped that it will be a success.

Courteney Cox's Engagement Ring From Johnny McDaid
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