Crop Tops at the Met Gala

Many celebrities making an appearance on the red carpet at Met Gala this year favored crop tops with long skirts as an alternative to conventional gowns.

Celebrities making their appearance at high profile occasions like the Met Gala are widely photographed as they appear on the red carpet; hence they take great care in choosing the right outfit for the occasion. Usually most actresses, models and other celebrities are photographed in stylish one piece gowns from world famous designers at the Met Gala.


However, this year a number of celebrities were spotted wearing crop tops of different designs, colors and materials, as part of their outfit, from some of the most well known names in the fashion industry. Most of the crop tops worn by the celebrities were sleeveless tops with spaghetti noodle straps, and allowed them to show a bit of skin at the midriff which is usually avoided in most conventional western wear like evening gowns. Both Rihanna and Cara Delevinge favored outfits by the popular british fashion designer Stella mcCartney, daughter of Beatles member Paul Mccartney.

Cara Delevinge

Cara Delevinge wore a black crop top with rib crossing straps, showing some skin at strategic locations, with white pants. Rihanna wore a variation of the conventional evening gown, with a white full sleeved crop top showing skin at the midriff and a white flowing gown.

Celebrity emma stone

Celebrity emma stone wore an outfit from thakoon with a pink crop top and crimson skirt, with a slit which exposed her legs. Actress Anne Hathaway also made her red carpet appearance wearing a crop top from the Calvin Klein collection.

Virginie Courtin Clarins

Similarly, Virginie Courtin Clarins two piece outfit by Thiery Mugler did not cover the waist but gave a sleek appearance. Though exposing the midriff and waist is frowned upon in western countries, these celebrities have worked very hard for their slim waists and admirable figure, and cropped are ideal for showing off their figures.

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