Danielle Armstrong and Casey Batchelor outfits in new fashion boutique opening

The fashionably dressed Danielle Armstrong opened her new fashion boutique recently, but her friend Casey Batchelor’s outfit was very similar and stole the show.

Both Danielle  Armstrong and her friend Casey Batchelor are known to wear extremely glamorous clothes which enhance their looks, but on the July 24 they commited a major fashion faux pas.


At the opening of Danielle Armstrong’s new fashion boutique, her friend Casey Batchelor turned up to show her support for Danielle, but both wore very similar outfits at the event – pink suits. It is not known whether this was intentional or not, but this did not seem to affect their relations, as they were seen chatting with each other, oblivious to the fact that they were dressed similarly.


Though party girls Danielle Armstrong and her pal Casey Batchelor, both looked stunning in the pink outfits, there were some subtle differences in their appearance. The girlfriend of James Lock,  Danielle Armstrong had chosen an outfit which highlighted her fantastic figure, her slim legs and toned abs. To complement the pink suit , the Towie celebrity wore a floral crop top and nude pointed shoes as footwear. Her hair was glamorous blow dried on this important occasion, as she was launching a business, opening a new fashion boutique.

Lee Ryan’s ex girlfriend Casey Batchelor had worn dark coloured black vest top and chunky sandals as footwear to complement her brunette hair. In addition to attending the boutique opening, to support her friend, she also expressed her support  for the new fashion boutique of her pal on Twitter, saying that she was very excited for her friend Danielle at the official press launch of her Danni boutique. The opening of the fashion boutique was a well attended event, with other popular celebrities like Jasmin Walia, Georgia Kousoulou and Grace Andrews present.

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