David Beckham and Kevin Hart seen in matching outfits in H&M’s latest trailer of fall campaign

David Beckham was previously seen wearing underwear and running around for the H&M’s earlier campaign, however this time it’s funnier than before as Kevin Hart has too joined the team and is acting like a clone for Beckham. The non-model comedian can be seen teasing around in the campaign.

The photos of the duo are out finally for the Modern Essentials campaign of H&M autumn collection. The trailer begins with Beckham busy on phone where he learns that Kevin wants to clone Beckham for a movie and needs to be around him so that he can copy Beckham easily. Kevin is trying to be the professional method actor in order to get the part in the movie while David is not at all pleased with him being around in his living room.

 David Beckham and Kevin Hart seen in matching outfits in H&M’s latest trailer of fall campaign 1

Kevin can be seen around David like an obsessed as he is following his every action and mimicking it right from creeping in every room and even his bedroom to watch him sleep which is like the envy of all the Beckham’s fans. He also tries David’s style of ice bath which the athlete model is a pro at. Therefore the trailer brings in a lot of comic as Hart not only copies David but matches and wears the outfits too.

David though seemed annoyed in the trailer has actually enjoyed making it and has loved the concept. David was really happy to have Kevin around as according to David, the comedian is one of the smartest and funniest. Kevin on the other hand also exclaimed that he shares the same feelings and is very excited to be part of the campaign for H&M. The trailer can be seen on the website of H&M on September 28 and it will be available on TV from September 30.

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