David Letterman’s contribution to Fashion through Late Show

Will we see David Letterman as a style icon? Well, let us just go slow and steady! Under the reign of Letterman, one of the most trend-setting things about the Late Show was the colorful glasses that were worn by Paul Shaffer.

Though Letterman and his costars are no fashion plates too, but there is no doubt that his show and he blessed celebrity guests with a platform to get high-end stylish, however much they wished to. This is why the program was regarded as not less than red carpet celeb night, where stars got criticized, roasted and also flagged down at times due to the fashion choices that they made.

You may love it or hate it, but you cannot ignore it. With celebs coming to Broadway to attend Letterman’s studios practically every day was something to watch out for and we got a good taste of what was happening around in the fashion industry.

David Letterman’s contribution to Fashion through Late Show

On a very ground level, on the fashionable Letterman show, stars were clearly highlighted and practically every little thing was brought to focus and converted into a digestible form. From the latest wig that was used by Lady Gaga to the latest runway of Proenza Schouler, everything was focused on.

Just sometime back we were noticing celebs on Snapchat and Instagram where they regularly updated their audience with their attires and looks. However, with the recaps and repeat telecast of the show we got more than we could ask for.

Discussions were on a Christopher Kane dress that was worn by Emma Watson and about the Nicolas Ghesquière’s innovative Balenciaga donned by Jennifer Connelly. Everything has been perfectly blended and the show did bring for us so much from the fashion industry.

They have it all for you in the show!

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