Details of Amal’s Wedding – How Guests Went without Gifts!

We all have followed the big wedding of the year. The wedding of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin was such a wonderful event that got appreciated worldwide for its simplicity and exclusiveness! But if we ask the invitees which part they actually liked most about the big, fat wedding, it is not simple to answer!  Bill Murray found it really hard to point out single thing he liked most about the wedding!

The answers we expect to such question are delicious food, the awesome cocktails, and the huge array of flowers, the royal boats or the beautiful venue itself! But the actor’s answer is none of that! May be Murray is little more romantic than what we expected him to be He said, “The best part of being at George and Amal’s wedding was those two people finding each other. It’s just amazing that those two people—the way they are—found the other person. It’s almost surreal. I am so happy for them!”

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The marriage took place on Sept. 27 in Venice, Italy. It was a low-key affair as celebrated with only few guests. The much talked about bride wore Oscar de la Renta wedding gown that had hand-embroidered pearl along with diamanté accents. The dress had an off-the-shoulder neckline and unforgettable a complete circular train. The groom did not remain behind when it came to wedding attire! He wore a black colored tuxedo made up from ultra-fine wool/cashmere which was from Giorgio Armani’s. The piece was part of Made to Measure collection.

Bill added further by saying, “You don’t buy them anything, what you get for the man that seemingly has everything?” Bill also revealed that he did not bring any gift for the made-for-each-other couple.However; many invitees attended the much talked about wedding without gifts! Murray revealed that the couple had asked their invitees to avoid the wedding shopping. He explained, ‘when you’re asked not to bring anything and you’re asked to leave without, you know, they told us not to bring anything.’

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