Dirk Standen Tells Us about Food, Fashion, and Lifestyle

Danielle and Laura Kosann’s website, The New Potato, introduces leaders in fashion, lifestyle, and food with their daily routines. Dirk Standen was interviewed, and he shared everything starting from his ideal food to his opinions medium of expression. He also shared his views on definition of good content, best places to eat in Milan and Marrakech. He very passionately explains why we should not call fashion and food different!

On his views on medium of expression he said, “I like to say print is our couture, because it’s such a specialized, almost handmade product, and digital is our ready-to-wear, because it’s designed to have a wider appeal.” But he also said that according to him all the formats are same, equal.

Dirk Standen Tells Us about Food and Fashion and More 1


Medium do not only comprise of magazines or websites but social media channels and different apps also come into play. He essentially added that this new way of communicating and content presentation will become part and parcel in coming future and we should appreciate them for their wide appeal.  According to him, no one should restrict himself to one medium. One should always try to be touch with your audience in a way that they can find and follow you easily.

When asked about future of print medium he said, “Predictions are always dangerous, but I think the dimensions of the screen will continue to change and in fact, screens as we know them are going to disappear. Google Glass may or may not catch on, but it’s clearly a sign of where we’re heading.” According to his view in future there will be lots of changes in how content used and presented. He says this is a very interesting change that we are entering the world of ‘visual communication’.

On similarity between fashion and food he expressed his thoughts as, “Of all the creative pursuits, they’re the most essential.” In his view converting ‘necessity into pleasure’ is the goal of any cook or a designer and that makes them very much equal.

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