DIY Greasy Hair Solutions

Hair can become greasy for a number of reasons, among those these two factors hereditary and environmental plays the vital role. At the same time it is possible to treat greasy hair with minimum effort in home.

Healthy shining hair of a woman is widely considered to be a sign of beauty, but it can become greasy and limp for a number of reasons due to hereditary and environmental factors. However, it is possible to treat the hair, which is greasy at the roots with some effort at home using easily available ingredients. This will treat both the hair problems, when the hair strands and roots are greasy and when the roots and scalp are greasy. The Do it yourself greasy hair solutions suggested are easy and cost effective compared to visiting the parlor to get the hair treated.

DIY Greasy Hair Solutions1

Astringent: an astringent can be prepared at home for washing the hair using a mixture of witch hazel wash and mouthwash, and is one of the most effective solutions for greasy hair. The mixture is applied on to the hair for fifteen minutes and then washed away using warm water.

Aloe Vera shampoo: Aloe Vera shampoo is natural way of removing the unwanted grease from the hair, without leaving the hair dry and lifeless. This can be prepared at home using a tablespoon of aloe vera gel, lemon juice and a cup of any shampoo, apply on hair and then rinse off. This mixture can be used to wash the hair multiple times in a week.

Baby powder: Baby powder can be rubbed on to the hair, and is used to absorb the excess grease from the hair strand, roots or hair scalp. A few minutes after applying the baby powder, combing the hair will remove all the grease

Lemon and Egg Yolks: five drops of lemon juice and two egg yolks are mixed and applied to damp hair. Leave the yolks on the damp hair for a few minutes and then wash the yolks off.

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