Donald Trump mannequins popped up on Alexis Bittar windows

Have you ever come across a papier-mâché Trump? If no, then here is the chance for you to get one (well, in case you want it)!  The spirit of Halloween has already stormed in and store keepers are even trying to scare bejeezus out of their customers, well just for fun sake!

There have been several ingenious people at the Alexis Bittar jewelry brand store who have come forth with Donald Trump mannequins and they are until now being visible in eight of the brands store windows in Washington DC, Boston, New York and Los Angeles. The jumbo sized heads of the mannequin is made from papier-mâché while the hair comes from Trump’s barber (well, that was on a lighter note).

Donald Trump mannequins popped up on Alexis Bittar windows 1

The dress of the presidential expectant is covered with dollar bills, which has been customized for the store and has been profoundly accessorized with the brands cuffs, earrings, bangles, and necklaces.

It was on this Thursday that the Donalds were installed and will stand firmly in its position until Nov. 16. Since we know that the jewelry designer has fondness for charity, it sure will not be quite a surprising thing, if at least one of those effigies were eventually offered for purchase. Don’t you think this would be a perfect welcoming note especially at the guest bathroom?

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