Donna Karan’s memoir, My Journey, made its debut

The famous American Designer Donna Karan was in conversation with the Editor in Chief from Elle to celebrate the debut of her memoir named My Journey. Robbie Myers on Tuesday evening talked about the designer’s memoir and even showed it to the audience. The show was hosted by Hearst. According to Robbie, the book is very revealing and honest. As homage to the Seven Easy Pieces which was her womenswear collection launched in the year 1985, here are the seven favorite quotes and anecdotes from her conversation.

Donna spoke about her relationship with Calvin Klein and called him as her BFF. She said that they have been on a journey together. They have gone through a relationship of understanding and faith and have seen the fashion world together. Their relationship together started ever since he was at Calvin Klein and she was Anne Klein. That is why she calls him her BFF.

Donna Karan’s memoir, My Journey, made its debut

According to Donna, a scarf is the most important clothing essential one can have as it is something which not only helps wrapping around the body but can even hide you. It can be made into a dress and can be used to wrap around the pillow when on the plane.

She concentrates on Urban Zen Foundation whose latest project is DOT and according to Karan, it is really good for developing countries.

She also spoke about today’s designers. She believes they are designing more for young girls and less for women. She believes today’s fashion is much interested in the younger generation and is making clothes which are much more suited to girls and the runway only shows the latest clothes which are new.

She also talked about her story with President Bill Clinton when she was called to dress him in 1993 and had an argument with him regarding his size.

She spoke about Hillary Clinton and how she would love to dress her too.

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