Dos and Don’ts of Dressing for Air Travel

People spend a lot of time planning their trip and packing their luggage, but wearing the right outfit for their trip is equally important.

Most people planning their trip will spending a lot of time and effort, planning their trip to a a very great detail, and also packing their luggage to ensure that it contains everything, but they often do not select the right outfit which could cause problems or add to their discomfort. Some tips to select the right outfit which will greatly reduce the number of problems faced and also ensure that no disruption or discomfort is caused are discussed below. Wearing an uncomfortable or poorly fitting can reduce the alertness levels, increasing the possibility of travel mishaps and losses.


Since temperatures at the airport and in the plane are on the lower side, it is always advisable to wear a cardigan or shawl which will keep the traveler warm and can be easily removed if needed for security checks or when the temperatures rise. Wearing a lose fitting outfit like a maxi is recommended, since it gives enough breathing space, unlike skin tight jeans, leggings which are not comfortable and make it difficult to breathe. Wearing socks is also advisable since they will keep the toes warm in the plane, when temperatures are low, and also ensure that the feet don’t get dirty when asked to remove shoes at security checks.

However, there are some garments and accessories which are to be avoided to the extent possible while travelling for a number of reasons. Belts are to be avoided to the extent possible, since they have to be removed for the security check, resulting in delays for everyone else. Gladiator shoes which have a large number of buckles should not be worn to the extent possible, since removing the buckles can be time consuming. Flats which are comfortable, easy to wear and remove are recommended.  Jewelry often has to be removed as part of the security checks, so keep the jewelry worn to the minimum.

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