Dress to Impress: Style tips for an Amazing First Date

Scoring a date with someone you’ve been chatting with through an online dating site can be exciting. But how do you grab this person’s attention and impress them without looking desperate? Instead of stressing that you don’t have the perfect outfit to wear, take a moment and breathe. The following are ideas that will help you dress to impress.

Look Approachable

First dates with someone you’ve yet to meet are typically casual. You may find that coffee or lunch dates are the ideal setting to get to know the other person. While sweats and jeans can be your standard go-to outfit for a comfy evening at home, that style is too relaxed for an initial meeting. You may want to opt for something that showcases your femininity such as a casual dress, denim skirt or nice pants. Jackets are stylish and another fashion staple for every closet. If the weather is cool, opt for denim, black or khaki outerwear. If you hit it off, and you’re ready for a second date, you can pair a different dress with trendy heels.

Resemble Your Profile Picture

Members on a dating site have a significant number of photos to sift through. To improve your chances of being noticed, get professional headshot photos that capture your personality without looking phony. When you’re heading out on a first date, you don’t want to venture too far from the look in your original profile picture. If your hair in your dating profile is blonde, the day leading up to the date isn’t the best time to opt for a drastic change. You also want to choose an outfit that reflects your style in the pictures that you’ve posted on your profile. When you meet your date, this person will be able to pick you out easily.

Choose Your Color Wisely

Most fashionistas understand weird fashion facts such as the importance of a little black dress in your wardrobe. But no matter your sex, age or occupation, style facts also dictate you should carefully select the color of your outfit before a first date. Based on a study by the University of New York, women who dress in red appeared more attractive and romantic over women who selected another hue. If you’re looking to test the findings, a drop waisted red dress that flares can capture the eye of your handsome date. If red in its entirety seems too much, opt for a red blouse and pair with black pants or a skirt. You can also liven up a black ensemble with a bright red scarf.

Wear Clothes That Are Flattering

You don’t want to experiment with a new trend the day you’re supposed to go on a first date. The new look may make you less confident if you don’t know how it will be met. Look for items in your closet that are tried and true to who you are. Fashion styles should also complement your body type. If you have toned and shapely legs, show them off. If you work hard on your arms at the gym, you can show them off with a sleeveless top.

Don’t Stray From Your Personal Style

There’s a reason you wear the clothes that you do. Although it’s ok to test the waters of the hottest fashion trends, don’t stray too far from your personal style. If you’re comfortable in pants or jeans, a flirty top or sexy heels can help dress up your look. After all, to ensure your confidence on your first date, you want to choose an outfit that allows you to be yourself.

Tone Down the Makeup

Makeup should accentuate your features subtly. A casual meeting isn’t the time to experiment with bold lipsticks or fake eyelashes. A couple swipes of mascara and earth toned eye shadows and liner can bring out your eyes. You also want to tone down the brightness of your lip color and blush.

Don’t Dress Last Minute

It’s normal to spend time thinking about what you’re going to wear on your first date. But what if you try the outfit on, and you’re completely disappointed over the look? Instead of freaking out last minute, try on your clothing well in advance of your initial meeting. If you’re still doubtful after standing in front of the mirror, ask a friend to come over and assist you.

Meeting a date for the first time can be nerve-wracking on its own. You shouldn’t also have to worry about what you wear too. Using the above tips, you get to just be yourself and attract the type of person you’re hoping to meet.

Dress for First Date
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