Drew Barrymore launches new perfumes

Popular actress Drew Barrymore has launched three new perfumes as part of her Flowers cosmetics collection and these perfumes will be sold at Wal-Mart.

Endorsements by popular actresses and celebrities increase the media coverage for perfumes for the perfume brand and also increase the sales, as fans of the actress as well as others rush to buy the perfumes. Many popular actresses like Drew Barrymore have their own cosmetic collections, based on their preferences for certain cosmetic items, which they recommend. It was recently announced that the beautiful actress Drew Barrymore would be expanding her collection of cosmetics, the Flowers cosmetics collection, by adding three new perfumes in October.

Drew Barrymore launches perfume-FI

Based on media reports in WWD, the actress who is popular for her carefree nature, will be releasing three new perfumes named Sultry, Radiant and cherished in October 2014. These perfumes will be available for sale at Wal-Mart both online at their websites as well as offline at more than 3000 stores. The perfumes will available in three different packages to cater to the requirements of the potential users. A roller ball will be available for $10 to encourage fans to try out the perfume, 15 ml bottles will cost 20 dollars, while 30 ml packages of the perfume cost 25 dollars.

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Britney spears have also endorsed their own perfumes, but the actress drew Barrymore claims that her perfume line is unique. She says that the perfume collection is related to a story of a woman who has different facets to her personality, and can be associated with different emotions. According to the notes used for developing each of the perfumes, they are associated with the feelings of a woman at different time periods of the day. For fans who are finding it difficult to choose between the perfumes, she informs that all the perfumes can be worn together without affecting the effect.

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