Edie Campbell Won the Magnolia Cup in a Fashionable Outfit

Edie Campbell won the annual Magnolia Cup. Do not misunderstand! It is not a modeling cup. The beautiful model proved her ‘equestrian skills’ at Glorious Goodwood Ladies Charity race, the event that took place at Chichester, England.

This is not the first time when she has proved her talent. In 2011, she had won the celebrity charity race of inaugural ladies and had ranked fourth in the year 2012. This time she participated as the official ladies’ race Ambassador. This year spectators were amazed to see her style and wining spirit. Her style was none the less unbeatable. She was seen riding horse with floral silk attire that was designed by the reputed name of fashion industry, Vivienne Westwood.

Congratulations Once More Edie Campbell

The award comprised of a diamond tie pin of the ‘Theo Fennell’ along with decanter covered with a glittering skull. But the priceless of all was Tom Cruise’s a kiss, the heartthrob of Hollywood. Actually it was a last minute surprise but it made all ladies very happy. The actor’s presence made all beautifully ladies rush to the parade ring of Goodwood so that they can grab opportunity to take picture with Tom Cruise.

During these all big things happening around, Campbell was just controlling herself from falling onto the star.  After the victory she told The Telegraph,” My legs were still really wobbly after the race. A dramatic fall into the arms of Tom Cruise would not have been cool.”

The lady is a determined rider. She is known to own two steadyand fit horses that are stabled in Warwickshire. She is known to compete regularly in different events. She said, “I’ve been training for this race for the past couple of months but the past two weeks has been a lot more intense, water. I’ve been riding out with Ian Williams, who has been amazing. I’m just so relieved I managed it.”

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