Top 10 Horrifying Celebs

These 8 celebs have everything- name, fame and wealth! But still they are as ugly as hell! Here is a list of those who are famous as well as rich. But truly they are ugly like anything.

1. Marilyn Manson: You must have seen the change in this kid. He has been seen in the makeup of ghost with black collar, blue eyes and blood lips. It will be too wrong to call him just ugly since he has the ability to make us too frightened.

Eight Celebs as ugly as hell

2. Clint Howard: This is not any disease at all but an ugly face. But he got fame for this look as he appeared in Cocoon, Apollo 13, EdTV etc. In fact he married twice; may be looks never matter.

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3. Lyle Lovett: A common question may have come to the mind of audience! How did he manage to enter into the world acting? Though Julia Roberts got married to him, not a single attractive thing you can find out of him in reality.

Eight Celebs as ugly as hell 2

4. Kelly Osbourne: Despite of her sweet British accent, she is listed as the ugly ones unfortunately. It is true that her weight goes through fluctuation. But whether she gets slimmer or heavier, her looks will not be changed.

Eight Celebs as ugly as hell 3

5. Donatella Versace: She is rich and successful. But her natural look has turned into an ugly one after her rhinoplasties.

Eight Celebs as ugly as hell 4

6. Steven Tyler: Though he is good singer and a rich cool father of one of the hottest Hollywood girls, but he looks just like a zombie.

Eight Celebs as ugly as hell 5

7. Courtney Love: Who says that drugs make people pretty? If you think so, you must watch Courtney Love, who has become as ugly as one can even never think about. And the reason is drugs.

Eight Celebs as ugly as hell 7

8. Shane MacGowan: He is the famous Irish musician and also a songwriter. But again, he is terribly ugly.

9. Ronaldinho: He is the best ever soccer player and the honest, rich and the nicest. But this Brazilian looks really bad.

Eight Celebs as ugly as hell 9

10. Rosie O’Donnell: Rosie is ugly. It is a sad but true fact. And she has a bad temper too.

Eight Celebs as ugly as hell 10

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