Elizabeth Hurley Flashes Her Booty

The famous face of Hollywood, Elizabeth Hurley, was seen in the Hot Pink Party arranged by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation on last Thursday, April 30, 2015, at Waldorf-Astoria in NYC. No doubt that Hurley looked as attractive as forever and made the party brighter with her gorgeous presence.

In her layered chiffon Donna Karan creation, Hurley, 49, looked absolutely stunning, when she walked on the fuchsia carpet. Her golden sandals with high heel made her dress trailing behind her. But she had the least knowledge about revealing a bit much from the back of her body, while wearing that flowing blush dress.

Elizabeth Hurley Flashes Her Booty

This accident took place when Hurley gathered the train of her dress to walk easily inside the hotel. It was taken up a bit higher which flashed a peek at her pert booty. Though unexpected it was, the lenses of the cameras did not miss that wardrobe malfunction. And naturally the actress was asked about it later to which her answer was quite clear.

Despite of that accidental flash, the Royals actress looked elegant in her dress at the event. Being ensemble with bombshell waves and lush lashes she looked radiant. Her shimmering peach cheeks and frosted lip completed her look.

Elizabeth Hurley, the Bedazzled actress, is a consistent style icon. She has maintained this impression when she was on the red carpet and still the same even when she was off the same. The mom of Damian, 13, was asked to dish on the latest purchase of her dress as it became nothing but a luxe. In her reply, Hurley was too tricky to get answered. The star on the red carpet said that it would not have been clothes. Probably it would have been the rat traps from the farm of something which is not so glamorous.

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