ELLE Canada encountered with social media backlash

There had been several cases in the fashion industry where designers and brands had to suffer backlash from the society for some actions which were considered inappropriate according to some cultures or communities. There are many sensitive cases which took place as a result of certain social customs and barriers which were touched upon by some designer labels or designers. Victorian Chola by Givenchy, Dsquaw show from DSqauared2 had inspiration from natives, American Indian headdress by the famous Chanel were some of the very famous examples of the cultural appropriation.

The latest to join the bandwagon is Elle Canada which is under fire for its story on dashikis. The story claims that the new caftan style is dashiki which is trending in recent time. However the glossy magazine had to bear the brunt of the internet users as most of the users had something to say about the story. The social backlash compelled the magazine to tout their story, however this did not help much and the readers were displeased as before.

ELLE Canada encountered with social media backlash 1

Most editors usually think twice before posting anything related to certain races, communities or cultures as they know people belonging to the same will object or have certain opinions about it which will not be good for their work.

However before calling a long held tradition, the new fashion trend, they should have some prior thoughts. As Dashiki is concerned, it comes from the West Africa. And it has been a part of the culture of the region. It is not a style which has come back as the black people; both men and women have been wearing these dashikis since ages. Models or celebrities from the fashion world can be seen sporting such styles of dresses but calling it a trend is not at all advisable as it is an important clothing item of the black culture.

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