Emily Ratajkowski Gives a Hot-Pose for the Cosmopolitan’s November Issue!

Emily Ratajkowski is actually flaunting what she has and at its best! The beautiful celeb first grabbed the world’s attention as she made appearance “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke. It is reported that she will part of highly awaited film adaptation named ‘Gone Girl’. She will be seen on the cover of Cosmopolitan‘s for the coming November issue. On the cover she is wearing more clothes than what we expected her to!  We all know that she went in one of the music videos. But with more clothes on her, she still manages to look very glamorous!

Ratajkowski will be seen wearing unbuttoned shirt paired with demin trousers. In the photo she will be showing off the big cleavage that would make it impossible not to stare! The 23-year-old model has given jaw-dropping shot as she looks totally seductive in casual denim ware! We can very well describe the picture as all her buttons are open and needless to add that leaves a huge cleavage at the center! She looks more beautiful with her dark locks and glowing skin. What adds more glamour to it is her impeccable toned waistline, which she has accessorized with tan braided belt. Emily looks fabulous and we think Cosmo‘s page is going to heat up this winter!

 Emily Ratajkowski Gives a Hot-Pose for the Cosmopolitan’s November Issue

Emily will continue showing her superb upper body inside the magazine too! She has reportedly done modeling for a seductive blue colored gown with deep neck and high cleavage. In the dress she would be showing off her legs too!

In an interview the star shared her experiences, revealed why she first denied being part of “Blurred Lines” video. She openly admitted to be a feminist and still she feels “lucky to wear what I want, sleep with who I want, and dance how I want.”

This issue of Cosmopolitan is expected to reach newsstands by October 7.

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