Emily Weiss Talks about Her New Collection “Glossier”

Emily Weiss is well known for her blog which eventually turned into a beauty lifestyle site. She started the big dream withonly $700, a cat, a Wi-Fi connection with a single computer! After four years later, she’s giving readers something new which looks like will become popular soon: a beauty line named Glossier.

Emily Weiss, runs the Into the Gloss; lifestyle site that discloses medicine cabinets as well as makeup routines of few famous women from different fields like fashion, music, art and films. Weiss has made huge number of product recommendations butafter a while she started getting feeling like a more-than-required aware customer which is always exploring perfect products! It could be a moisturizer which should not by very oily or extra dry on face, lip balm longer staying power, or  rosewater mist which is made from natural ingredients.

Emily Weiss Talks about Her New Collection “Glossier” 1

Weiss finally teamed up with a chemist to come up with Glossier. It is a collection comprised of four staples, which is supposed to give perfect look! Weiss explains about foundation product as, “If this were a regular foundation I would look like pancake face.” There’s a lot of skin care that I know and love that’s all about long-term effects, which are fantastic. But these products are made with immediate results in mind.” Weiss confirms that you cannot overuse the Glossier products, as it has bare-minimum formula. She further adds, “That glowy finish and looking really fresh right away.”

The brand does not making all beauty solutions together. If we ask Weiss allows to use sunscreen of your choice. She dreams to make most subtle face sunscreen, which is still in pipeline.When asked about which of her product would be usable by every woman, she answered, “Probably a lip balm. When your lips get dry, is there anything more frantic? It’s like, I can’t continue this conversation until I go find something!”

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