Fancy Dress – Greek Costume Ideas for Drama, Carnival Floats & Olympic

The ancient Greek civilization played an important role in western civilization and a look at the Greek costumes for use on different occasions

Along with the roman civilization, the Greek civilization played an important role in shaping many of the core values of modern western civilization and hence many events even today pay tribute to this ancient civilization. A look at the Greek costume ideas which are often incorporated in drama, Olympic events and carnival floats how to wear these clothes in the right way. Like most ancient civilization and even in India today, the clothes which were widely worn were draped clothes for both men and women, who did not involved much stitching.


Based on images available, both men and women in ancient Greek wore a draped outfit which was called the chiton, which was both comfortable, and relatively easy to make. In most images available, the chiton has been pictured as covering the toes. Though diaphanous fabrics were used for the chiton, in many cases, thicker fabric may be able to use. A majority of men and women in ancient Greece were not seen wearing any footwear, though wealthy men and women may have worn light sandals. These sandals were made from a single piece of leather with thongs attached.

For enacting or modeling ancient Greek men and women for plays, functions and other events, another aspect to be handled will be ensuring that the hairstyle has been replicated perfectly. This can be achieved relatively easily today, using the various hair extensions and accessories available today. The hair was tied back using a filet mesh by ancient Grecian women, and this can be achieved today using fishnet hosiery or similar material which can be obtained online or from shops selling drama, costume, ballet accessories. A crown of leaves can make by attaching leaves to gold painted ring the size of the head.

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