Fashion: History’s shocking styles

Though many consider todays young men and women to be extremely vain, there have been many widely adopted fashion styles which were shocking to most people.

Most large fashion capitals of the world like London have an annual or biannual fashion week which will be the highlight of the fashion calendar of the city. The most memorable outfit of the fashion week for all those who attend it will often not be the prettiest or best designed outfit, but the most shocking or unconventional garment which few imagined would exist or ever be worn by any human being. Though many designers are likely to have their models wearing unusual clothes to showcase their collection, few are expected to shock as much as some style in history

History's shocking styles1

Macaronis were a group of young British aristrocrats in the 18th century who shocked people with their extremely unconventional outfits. Usually women are supposed to be very fashion conscious, spending large amounts of time fussing over their appearance, selecting the right outfit. However, in this case, these young men from rich families managed to shock people with their elaborate and colorful outfits which clearly indicated that they spent a lot of time preening themselves to look their best. The men are believed to have adapted this fashion style after a tour of Europe, including traditional fashion hubs Italy and France.

The men were called macaronis because they developed a taste for the Italian food macaroni and the fashion clothes and accessories adopted were an extreme version of the popular fashion styles prevalent in continental Europe at that time. It consists of a very tiny hat perched on top of an elaborate wig which was larger than required. They wore a tightly fitting coat which was decorated with many accessories and trimmings like lace, large buttons and ribbons. The waistcoats were very brightly colored, often with polka dots and stripes, complemented with similar brightly colored stockings and showy shoes.

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