Fashion Influences In 1980’s

People always like fashion accessories and keep different fashion influences in all periods. In 1980s, all men and women would have followed many fashion influences for enhancing and reflecting their lifestyle.

Some popular styles of 1980’s are listed below..

Men and Women 80's Fashion

Men and Women 80’s Fashion

Power suits:

Sharply-cut and stiff power suits with the wide shoulders were famous fashion influence of many businessmen and women in 1980s period. These stiffer power suits were specially designed to make the wearer look authoritative and successful. In 1980s, the women had an equal position to the men when they followed a power suit dressing at their workplace.

Fitness craze in 1980s:

Fitness exercises have played a very big role in the fashion influences of 1980s. At that period, the women and men were following fitness exercises to improve their looks and style of living. Wearing gym dress every day morning were a daily fashion to those people in 1980s.

Punk in 1980s:

Punk fashion was a rebellious and non-conformist style which emerged in the later period of 1970s and gain developed in 1980s period. Punk fashion was an original reaction against the unrealistic peace-loving hippie period and the culture of 1980s.


Most of the men and women were keeping hair heavily styled and bouffant in 1980s period. This hair style was direct contrast to the straight, long and natural styles in an earlier period of 1970s. Some persons spent lots of time on styling their hair with the help of styling products such as hairspray and mousse available in 1980s.

Princess Diana’s Style:

Throughout the 1980s period, Princess Diana was altered from a princess into the fashion icon. She was closely followed by many presses and magazines. Most of the women magazines were using her photo on the covers of their magazines. Diana and her fashion accessories would be a fashion icon to the entire world in 1980s.

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