Fashion on Nude Dresses

One of the most popular fashion trends are nude dresses, which match the skin color, so that the garments are not easily visible from a distance.

While wearing clothes is both comfortable and acceptable in most societies, showing skin always attracts attention from a wide range of people and makes the wearer stand out in the crowd, become the center of attention. This has resulted in nude dresses becoming one of the most popular fashion trends in recent years worn by celebrities like singers, actresses and models. Since the dresses match the skin cooler, the garments worn are not easily visible from a distance. This tempts the observers to have a closer look at the person wearing the nude dress.

Fashion on Nude Dresses

Nude garments were popular for film shoots even a few decades ago, when skin show was frowned upon, but the film makers wanted to create an illusion that the actress was wearing very few clothes. Usually film makers wanted the vamp to appear to be flimsily dressed, to attract a particular type of audience. In reality the actress would not be comfortable wearing flimsy clothes only while shooting, so she would wear nude dresses or body suits which would not be visible from a distance. Thus the nude dresses are usually stitched specifically for a particular actress or celebrity.

The three main aspects to be considered for a nude dress are the color of the material that is used, type of material and the design of the dress. The color of the material should match the skin tone of the wearer to the extent possible, so the wearer should coordinate with the fashion designer, costume designer or tailor to get the exact skin shade possible. The material used for the dress should fit to the contours of the body, so a stretchable fabric like spandex or lycra is usually preferred. Since one of the aims of wearing a nude dress is to merge with the body, the dress should be well tailored to fit to the contours of the body.

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