Fashion summer 2014 Trend

Yellow, we like a bit much, madness! To dare to keys or total look, to soften this dainty colour, it is associated with white or pastel. For an ultra chic look, you accessorize a yellow dress with black pumps or sandals.

Black and Yellow 5

For a toned look, it is associated with other flash colours, like orange. Fall beauty trend: crimson lips Since the eyes are less smoky autumn, lips take over. Here are some tips for how to take and products to get there. Impeccably drawn, they are adorned with the colours much supported pigments. So pink and orange take their bow, leaving plum, burgundy, crimson and lees of wine take centre stage. Because, it is red in its darker variations that rating, to bring flawless, it exfoliates and moisturizes our first one if they are chapped lips. We put colour to the dish brush and ends with a pencil outline coordinated. Thus, nothing could move. Fashion shopping: metallic colours Want to shine this summer? This is perfect, because fashion side the trend is metallic! Silver and gold rub on shoes, bags and clothing. Here are some suggestions to join this dazzling fashion, sparingly or going there for the full! Choosing the right sunglasses When the warm rays begin to be felt, it is already thinking about sunscreen which we must guard, but do not forget that our eyes are also affected by the sun! Here are some tips to buy sunglasses and effective suggestions frames trends for all budgets. This is not because the glass is darker sunglasses that filter further UVA and UVB rays. The Canadian Standards Association has developed standards for sunglasses protecting against UV rays. The UV400 sunglasses protect against identified 99.9% of UVA and UVB. They are therefore of better quality. Regarding the colour of the glass, it is a matter of taste. By cons, it is interesting to know that the blue or pink glasses alter the perception of red and blue, which can be embarrassing on the road.

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