Fashion trends 2015 according to Google searches

Google has finally come up with its annual fashion trends report. It is that time of the season to ditch your pair of skinny jeans and move on to the skirts and the ultra casual pieces like the jogger pants. The research done by Google came up with a list of clothing pieces which are in trends and which are out of styles based on the searching done by people online. The search data are extremely helpful in understanding the people’s behavior online.

For starters, peplum silhouettes, string bikinis, one shoulder dresses and others have been trending this spring. Google identified the midi skirts as a perfect length skirt which has sustained growth. It means that this type of skirt has seemingly been in fashion trends and is still in. The length of skirt looks perfect for workplace and is quite appropriately modest. The short length looks chic and casual.  The midi skirts are the modest fashion trend this spring. The popularity of such a style has increased nine times over the period of three years.

Fashion trends according to Google searches

Google searches increased to 34 percent last year for tulle skirts. This trend started from the West Coast and is soon catching up with the rest of the country. Tulle skirts are quite in trend and many people are going for it this spring season.

Fashion trends according to Google searches 1

Neoprene is no longer for wet suits. The modern monokinis and swimsuits at Victoria’s Secret and Lisa Marie Fernandez are using neoprene. However Google warns that it is quite a fleeting trend and will not be there for long. Jogger pants are too in trends with thick prints, leather, denim, emoji prints, sequins and so on.

Fashion trends according to Google searches 2

Chinos and harem pants are tossed away and emoji printed jogger pants are trending this spring. Emoji printed statement sweatshirts are another trend sticking around according to Google report.

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