Fashion Trends of the Mid 1960s

The mid 1960s were known for their very distinctive fashion style, which include cut outs, black and white, geometric patterns, and pop art.

The mid 1960s had some very distinct and unique fashion patterns which earned them a very loyal fan following even in the later years, a few decades ago. These fans would track and monitor all the news of the retro fashions and then take decisions accordingly. Both the trends in the US as well as UK in 1965 onwards are reviewed in great detail. Some of the popular trends in the 1960s are cut outs which are strategically located and crochet dresses, pop art for garments, geometric patterns for designing clothes, black and white patterns for clothes.

geometric patterns for designing clothes

One of the must have clothes for the mid 1960s were probably crochet dresses which were an integral part of the wardrobe of most women. However, one of the concerns while wearing these dresses was to find suitable underclothing, which would ensure that certain parts of the body were not revealed. For this women would have to examine the various options, usually settling for a skin colored body suit which was popular with ballerinas and gymnasts, which would merge almost seamlessly with the skin, and not be visible to onlookers from a distance

Since many women found it difficult to find suitable body suits, the later versions of the crochet dresses were designed so that no skin was visible for certain parts of the body, making it more convenient for women to wear them. Strategically located cutouts were also used to add a touch of glamour to the outfit. In the upper part of the body, the cutouts would show off the cleavage, while in other cases, the cutouts would be around the waist area, or at the border of the skirt, dress or sleeves. Pop art gave the garments a very distinctive look, and geometric patterns were particular suited for uniforms like those worn by airhostesses.

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